Auger doser

Featuring many comprehensive technical solutions, Hastamat SD series auger dosers/auger fillers meet the most demanding requirements in terms of dosing accuracy and repeatability. The many advantages include gentle handling of sensitive products such as powdered coffee, soup or spices. Product-specific selection of infeed, dosing screw, agitator and closing system guarantees high dosing accuracy, thus substantially reducing costs in your packaging process.
The machines of the SD series enable high precision dosing of free flowing and non-free flowing, powder as well as granular products. Hastamat auger dosers offer the highest dosing accuracy and repeatability with gentle product handling.

Following products can be packed:

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Functionality and benefits of our auger dosers/auger fillers

Functional principle:

  • Infeed of products into the product hopper.
  • Filling level control  in the product hopper.
  • Product-specific agitators homogenise the product.
  • Defined discharge of the product in the screw flights is controlled by correspondingly programmed turns of the auger screw.
  • The after-flow of product is effectively held back by product-specific closing systems.


High production reliability through:

  • Ease of operation with integration of recipes for auger doser and Hastamat vertical form, fill and seal machines in one controller.
  • Electronic monitoring of all movements and positions of the drives.
  • Electronic monitoring of the closing systems.
  • Product homogenisation with non-wearing agitator drive. 
  • Level detection for constant product level in product hopper.


High degree of flexibility through:

  •  Infinitely variable hydraulic height adjustment for fast and accurate adaptation to different bag sizes.


Reduced production costs through:

  • High dosing accuracy.
  • Gentle product handing with application-specific components. 
  • Use of non-wearing servo drives with high positioning accuracy.
  • Provision for compensation of weight fluctuations by tendency control. 
  • Precision dosing screws. 
  • Product-specific closing systems to immediately stop product flow. 


Short cleaning times and fast product changeover through:

  • Quick-change format parts. 
  • Hinged dosing hopper with homogeneous transitions and rounded inner corners to avoid product accumulations. 
  • Sanitary design.
  • Easy storage of all parameters in product-specific recipes.


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