Combination weighers CP-series

Our combination weighers of the CP series weigh and count foods and lumpy products - from snacks and confectionery via granulates to metal and plastic parts.


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Special features of the Hastamat combination weighers

  • Due to exchangeable size parts also suitable for stick-shaped products
  • Output max. 200 weighments/minute
  • Number of weighing bins up to 24 pieces
  • Product feeding through feeding convey or belt or vibratory chute

Following products can be packed:

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Stangen Icon

Stick-shaped products

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Cracker Icon

Snacks & cracker

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Customer benefits with Hastamat combination weighers


  • Controlled product feeding through elevators, bucket conveyors, belts, vibration systems
  • Distribution via central distribution plate to the vibrating chutes, transport to the storage bins
  • Transfer to the weighing bins for weighing
  • Synchronized transfer to the packaging machine


  • Automatic adjustment of the product distribution
  • Stepping motor drives on the storage and weighing bins
  • Electronic monitoring of all motions and positions of the flaps
  • Easy operation with graphic menu guidance on a multilingual colour touch screen


  • Suitable for the widest range of products
  • Easy conversion for weighing stick-shaped products
  • Modular design
  • Digital vibration drive control
  • Capable of handling a mixture of different product components


  • Operational data collection and storable statistics
  • Easy storage of productrelated recipes
  • Easy troubleshooting with a plain-text display
  • Long-lived maintenancefree drives
  • Short cleaning times through Sanitary Design, sealed construction, quick exchangeable size parts

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