Packaging lines for stackable chips

Stackable chips are as popular as they are breakable.

To ensure that all the chips reach your customers in good condition our SCA series packs them gently but efficiently.


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Your benefits with packaging lines for stackable chips by Hastamat

Product take-over.

The chain link conveyor is the format part of Hastamat‘ s packaging system for stackable chips. Depending on the lane distance and number of lanes in the fryer, the chain link conveyor is adapted in-line to the customer‘s production process. The stackable chips coming from the fryer cool off after seasoning and are flipped on the chain link conveyor. This also gives the operating personnel the possibility to conduct a quality control. At the end of the chain link conveyor, there are ejection flaps on each lane, for the individual ejection of the lanes. This guarantees trouble-free production. Optionally it is possible to buffer stackable chips on the chain link conveyor.

    SCA-Weighing technology.

    Also in the weighing process, each lane is autonomous and is fed in-line onto the weighing belt. Thus Hastamat‘s packaging machines for stackable chips are extremely reliable. All components that have contact with products are easy to reach, easy to remove and can be cleaned wet. According to customer requirements it is possible to adjust the weighing technology to the filling according to finished packaging regulations or FDA requirements.

    Can handling.

    There is an empty can buffer in the system. Here, cans can be fed in manually or automatically by operating personnel. In the system, the cans are divided fully automatically across the lanes and transported into the filling position. Using vibration, the stackable chips are fed into the horizontally positioned can and inserted mechanically into the can by the pusher. After filling, the can is erected and fed to the transport system.

    Tray and can handling.

    The system also has a buffer for trays. The trays are unstacked automatically and fed in-line into the filling position. The gentle product filling sets standards in the industry and guarantees maximum efficiency. On customer request, the trays can be inserted into a can after filling.

    After filling, the trays are transferred lying down and the cans standing on one lane to the customer‘s further processing equipment (secondary packaging). Optionally, the system can be expanded to include distribution and collating stations and also buffer systems. 

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