Counting machines and counting lines

For the arrangement and counting of stick-shaped products from all branches of industry our ZA series counting machines and counting lines are the ideal answer.

Whether it´s food or non-food products: these high-performance counting units enable the packaging of high quality, easily breakable stick-shaped products such as chocolate sticks in a way which treats the product gently and fills the right quantity in each package. The product is transported to the counting belts via bucket conveyors. Even unstructured product feeding is no problem: downstream sorting equipment arranges and directs the product in good time. For product take-up the counting belt is of circular design. While the counting belt is in operation the product is simultaneously scanned. Any damaged sticks are identified immediately and separated out by the machine. The pre-selected quantity of sicks is then transported to the storage bin. For flexible integration into installations the system can be equipped with additional feeding, storage or transfer equipment, for example with an elevator for feeding the product into vertical form fill and seal machines.

Following products can be packed:

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Stick-shaped products

Functionality and benefits of our counting machines


  • Several belts driven by separate servo motors transport the sticks to the counting stations
  • Laser photocells count the products, while at the same time the detection of breakage is performed
  • Transfer of the counted products to a bucket conveyor
  • Transport of the counted products for further packaging


  • Gentle handling of sensitive products
  • Complete electronic monitoring of all drives
  • Separate servo drives for the belts to ensure individual product adaptation


  • Modular design
  • Tendency weighing of the counted product quantity possible
  • Capable of handling a combination of different product types


  • Elimination of interfaces due to delivery of complete solution from one single source
  • Quick product changeovers
  • Quick exchangeable belts and maintenance-free drives
  • Exact packing contents through digital counting technology

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