Biscuit on edge & biscuit on pile packaging system VMW

Our new biscuit on edge & biscuit on pile packaging system VMW for cookies is based on an absolutely new principle of wrapping cookies in a vertical packaging process. Within a strictly modular design the machine is built in a multilane execution. Each of the lanes can pack up to 500 cookies per minute with different packaging styles. With this machine both is possible, packaging biscuits on edge (BOE) and packaging biscuits on pile (BOP), without changing the infeed system. Changeover can be done within minutes.

Due to the gentle product handling on the infeed system and the integrated servo driven grouping and stacking unit even uncooled sandwich cookies can be packed. The usual cooling tunnel is not necessary any more, saving energy and space.

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Ideal for packaging the following biscuits on edge & on pile

Packaging jaffa cake cookies

Jaffa cake cookies

Packaging sandwich-cookies

Sandwich cookies

Packaging die-cut-cookies

Die cut cookies

Packaging filled cookies

Filled cookies

Packaging wire cut cookies

Wire cut cookies

Packaging square cookies

Square cookies

Packaging rectangular cookies

Rectangular cookies

Packaging round cookies

Round cookies

Benefits of the biscuit on edge & biscuit on pile packaging system

The vertical wrapping and sealing process with a smaller seam width allows cost savings on film up to 20 %. The vertical principle and the multilane design reduce the footprint up to 65 % compared with existing technology. Together with our specific conveying and infeed system the VMW can be integrated in any existing and new cookie line enabling highest production flexibility.

Machine details

Films: heat- or coldsealable laminate
BOP (Biscuit on pile): groups of 1x2, 1x3, 2x1, 2x2, 2x3
BOE (Biscuit on edge): 7 to 18 ct.

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