Multihead weighers from Hastamat

Hastamat multihead weighers are high-performance machines for precision weighing and counting. The machines, known as multihead weighers or combination weighers, weigh chunky products such as dried fruits, confectionery and frozen products just as effectively as extremely breakable products such as biscuits or salted sticks. Snacks, confectionery, granules, frozen products as well as metal or plastic parts are reliably portioned up to 240 times per minute. The decisive feature is that the format parts can be exchanged in no time at all so that stick-shaped products can also be weighed - from salted sticks through chocolate-coated sticks to technical products, we pack products to your specifications. All parts of our machines that come in contact with products are of course made from hygienic stainless steel. Intelligent design and protective covers allow the machines to be used in wet areas.

Our multihead weighers

Multihead weighers from Hastamat: Impressive technical solutions

Our multihead weighers are available with 10, 14, 16, 20 or 24 weighing heads. Our memory weighers are equipped with up to 32 memory bins. Depending on the product size and packaging volume, bin sizes of 500, 1500, 2500 cm³ can be used.


Synchronisation with other packaging machines

Hastamat multihead weighers can be used both a part of an integrated weighing and packaging line as well as in connection with existing packaging machines.
Combined with our vertical form, fill and seal machines or product transfer systems your products can be packed in tubular bags of different shapes, cans, cups, boxes and trays.

Customer benefits with multihead weighers from Hastamat

  • High weighing accuracy
  • Fast weighing
  • Optimised vibration system for improved product flow
  • Easy to clean without the need for tools ensuring greater machine availability
  • Easy Operation
  • Exact mixing of up to four products
  • Up to 5 kg per bin with tolerance of +/-0.1 g
  • Possible weights: 1 to 3500 g
  • Extensive program memory for up to 100 programs
  • Made completely from stainless steel to meet the most demanding hygiene requirements.
  • Web remote service via the Internet
  • Format parts are adapted exactly to your products
  • Fast format change within 5 minutes