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If your products are packaged in the correct quantity, it must mean our machines and systems were at work: feeding, distribution, and buffering systems, multihead weighers, dosing systems, product counting systems, product transfer systems, and vertical form fill seal machines. Or even complete systems such as our stackable chips packaging lines or entire packaging lines that combine several different machines. Without exception, all of them are geared to your specific needs and requirements. How we manage this? With creativity and innovation. That’s just the way we work. And have done since 1953. We’ve been developing automated packaging systems since then. Individually, to the highest quality, and for worldwide use.

It goes without saying that the machines are technically sophisticated and highly economical. After all, we rely on the latest production methods when designing them. As well as on comprehensive quality management. The result? We always find the ideal solution for your product. No matter what it is – snacks and crackers, sticks, stackable chips, confectionery, cookies, fresh and frozen food, powder, pet food, or non-food. Our machines and systems weigh, count, meter, and pack all this and much more. Reliably and efficiently. And, of course, with precision.

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