Packaging systems for powders

Perfectly trickling and sprinkling

Whether it's in a bag or in a can: When it comes to weighing and packaging free flowing and non-free flowing powder products quickly and accurately, you need years of knowledge. However, with our weighing and dosing systems, this is all very straightforward for you. That's because they reliably portion the desired quantity and place it in the packaging. Coffee, powdered drinks, spice mixtures or baby food. Even washing powder and granulate are no problem for our filling and packaging machines. We develop the appropriate powder packaging machine, exactly matched to the respective product properties and their requirements – for leak-tight and stable results which provide your product with the maximum protection.

Do you want a reliable powder packaging solution which is tailored individually to your products? If so, contact us now and find out more about the options for powder filling with our machines.

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Our machines for the packaging process for your powder

With our packaging systems, packaging powder is child's play. That's because we have the right solution for each step of the packaging process. From the infeed to dosing and final packaging. They are all individually matched. And implemented in an innovative, of course.

Systems for correct dosing

Underfills and give-away are a thing of the past with our dosing systems. That's because our auger dosers portion your powdered products precisely. With an masterly turn of the auger screw. In the desired quantity, safely, gently and reliably. For small and large packagings alike – in that regard, the SD series can be set fully individually. Always just how you need it. That way they make sure the dosing is always ideal, fully automatically and hygienically. Dosing bulk goods with a relatively consistent density – that's what our VB series does. In a manner which is gentle on the product and economical. The dosing machines receive your powdered items and portion it in the cups volumetrically. And monitor the filling level in the product funnel in the process. For the correct quantity in the packaging.

  • SD series

    The SD series auger dosers dose free flowing and no-free flowing, powdered and grainy products of all kinds. Precise and gentle – and for volumes of 2 cm³ to 30,000 cm³.

    Dosing system and auger filler system by Hastamat

    Auger dosing systems for free flowing and non-free flowing products

    Special benefits:

    • High dosing precision
    • Simple to adapt to different bag sizes
    • Quick and easy to clean thanks to hygienic design

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  • VB series

    The volumetric dosers of the VB series portion granulated, lumpy or free flowing products safely and reliably – with six or eight cups and an output of up to 180 doses per minute.

    Detail view of the volumetric cup dosing system from Hastamat

    Volumetric cup dosing system for bulk goods with a consistent density

    Special benefits:

    • High dosing precision
    • Simple to adapt to different bag sizes
    • Quick and easy to clean thanks to hygienic design

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Filling and packaging with vertical form, fill and seal machine

Whether it's sherbet, coffee or spices: with our vertical form, fill and seal machines, powders are always bagged in the best possible way. Because the packaging systems form, fill and seal the bags in a single step. That way, your product have optimum protection from environmental influences and are packaged hermetically. That's also efficient and economical.

  • R/RM series

    As the allrounder among our vertical form, fill and seal machines, the R/RM series packages practically any product. Efficiently, safely and reliably.

    Vertical form fill and seal machine with monitor view

    Vertical form, fill and seal machines for all product ranges

    Special benefits:

    • Short cleaning times and fast product changeovers
    • Particularly large format range
    • Hygienic design with stainless steel housing

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End-to-end packaging lines

Being set up flexibly to needs and requirements, being able to offer the best packaging quality and ensuring smooth processes – we engineer our complete packaging lines with these aims. And together with you. So that individual production processes are implemented in the optimum manner. For more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Find out about our innovative system solutions with gentle product handling – looking at the system examples of our complex packaging lines.

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cookies packed in bags are transported away on a conveyor belt of the packaging line

System example Signature Snacks

The heart of Signature Snacks beats at the centre of the United Arab Emirates. And it beats for waffles, crackers, cookies, chocolate filled dates, dried fruits and nuts.

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The stackable chips converge on several lanes in the stackable chips line

System example Europe Snacks

Writing a story of success as the undisputed market leader on a highly competitive market: that's exactly what Europe Snacks, a French company from Saint-Denis-La-Chevasse, is all about.

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