Automated packaging solutions for your products

Precise, efficient, sustainable

Snacks, crackers, cookies, stackable chips, confectionery, fresh and frozen food products – or even powder, pet food and non-food: Our machines package almost anything. Fully automatically. In cans, trays or bags. Hermetically sealed for the highest convenience. Always flawlessly, efficiently and sustainably. And always precisely. Even in case of special requirements. Our packaging machines and systems also make sure that the quality is right throughout the entire process. By feeding, weighing and counting your products, and discharging and packaging them in the right quantities. Making sure that the process sequence runs smoothly.

We engineer our innovative packaging solutions from the feeding to the finished packaging. Individually for your product. With a focus on gentle handling and high performance. The vertical form, fill and seal machines, dosing systems, weighing and counting systems also adapt flexibly, of course. To the format range, volume and type of film. For packaging which perfectly suits your product.

Are you looking for the ideal, individual packaging solution for your product? If so, contact us directly and find out more about our machines and systems.

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  • Snacks and crackers

    Our machines and systems place extruded and baked snacks and crackers in the packaging with the greatest of care. Fully automatically and with high performance. Precisely and reliably.

    • Baked snacks and crackers
    • Extruded snacks and crackers
    • All types of nibbles
  • Confectionery

    Hermetically sealed packaging with the exact weight – our system solutions for confectionery do exactly that. With your wrapped and unwrapped lozenges, dragées, filled snacks and fruit gums. For maximum taste and optimum performance.

    • Lozenges
    • Dragées
    • Filled snacks
    • Fruit gums
  • Fresh and frozen foods

    Our automatic packaging solution guarantees the highest hygiene and quality standards for processing fresh and frozen food products. That's because our machines and systems, with their stainless steel design, rounded corners and edges and their suitability for use in wet areas, provide the best conditions for weighing, counting and packaging your products precisely and ideally.

    • Fresh goods
    • Convenience goods
    • Frozen goods
    • Meat and cold cuts
    • Meat substitute products
  • Sticks

    Whether they are sweet, salty or savoury, made of metal or wood, or for animals – our fully automatic packaging machines weight, count and package sticks in any shape and with any consistency. Hygienically and reliably – even items with special formats and extra long items.

    • Pretzel sticks
    • Salami sticks
    • Vegetable sticks
    • Chocolate sticks
    • Screws
    • Pet chew sticks
  • Cookies

    Package your cookies and other baked goods efficiently and reliably – with our machines and systems. They place your round, rectangular and filled cookies in the packaging lovingly. It doesn't matter whether they are packaged in rectangular sealed bags or in flat bags – they are always handled with care.

    • Cookies
    • Biscuits
    • Other baked goods
  • Stackable chips

    Our systems for stackable chips always cut a fine figure: from the infeed to weighing and portioning. They simply take on all the tasks. They can be adapted flexibly to the production requirements, and always convey and place your products in the packaging with the utmost care. That way, they're guaranteed to be a hit at any party.

    • In cans both with or without tray
    • Packaged by weight or volume
  • Powder

    Free flowing or non-free flowing, grainy or pithy: Our packaging systems take care of packaging your perfectly dosed powder products. Precisely dosed and filled, nothing is spilled.

    • Coffee
    • Powdered drinks
    • Spice mixtures
    • Baby food
    • Other free flowing and non-free flowing powdered products
  • Pet food

    Bring the animals a bit of joy too: By allowing our automated packaging systems to place your pet food products in the packaging reliably and smoothly. It doesn't matter whether it's in cans, bags or trays. Piece goods or even stick-shaped animal feed. You always have the best quality.

    • Pet food sticks
    • Lumpy pet food
  • Non-food

    Tailor-made solutions for your products: With our machines and systems, that's nothing unusual – it's the norm! That's why automated packaging of non-food items is the order of the day. With a large range of parts and product grouping.

    • Plastic parts
    • Metal products
    • Screws
    • Other technical and non-food products