The history of Hastamat

Developing for the future

For over 60 years, our machines have been packaging, weighing, metering, and counting a huge variety of products worldwide. But we started out very small:
Did you know ...

... that Hastamat initially produced turned parts?
... or that candies and pretzel sticks were among the first products to be weighed by our machines?
... and that they are now the fastest in the world?
... or that our packaging solutions have won awards?


Success has a name: the German Packaging Award. Hastamat receives it from the Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut (DVI) in 2015. For its innovative packaging solutions.


For even more innovation: Hastamat expands production with a new hall. And an adjoining technical center.


Developing new metering processes is on the agenda. One for stacked chips is in industrial use for the first time in 2010.


Ultrasonic sealing technology, developed further: now with overlap seam.


The success speaks for itself: A new office building is added to the headquarters in Lahnau.


Record-breaking: Hastamat presents the world’s fastest packaging system for pretzel sticks. The company also develops a new metering process – and has it patented.


Lightning fast. That’s the first vertical flow wrapping machine with ultrasonic sealing.


Decades-long improvements. The fifth generation of the multihead combination weigher is launched.


Focus on bags: Hastamat files a patent application. For a method of producing four-edge sealed bags on a round filling tube. At the same time, the company develops the bag attaching device (BAG).


Improved metering for pretzel sticks: instead of linear weighers, multihead weighers are used – the CP 3.14S, to be precise. Even fragile chocolate pastry sticks can now be metered more gently thanks to a new process.


International success grows: with the RS-250 vertical flow wrapping machine with continuous film feed and traveling sealing tools. And on the Eastern European market: Hastamat opens its own representation abroad in Moscow.


It’s getting cold – with the CP 1.10 for applications in the frozen food sector. Also new: the vacuum-assisted film take-off system. And the office and production building into which Hastamat moves.


Constant innovation: Hastamat develops not only the CP 1.14/HST-R machine combination with innovative 32-bit multiprocessor computer technology, but also the EC 3.0 check weigher. This one can handle up to 400 weighing procedures a minute.


Hans Stamm KG becomes part of the Piepenbrock Group. And now operates under the name PVT HASTAMAT.


New products demand new packaging solutions. Like the vertical flow wrapping machine the company develops from 1980.


Celebration chips: Hans Stamm KG celebrates its 25th anniversary – and the first packaging system for stacked chips to be delivered.


Weighing pretzel sticks automatically – attendees could see this for themselves at interpack in 1975.


It’s better to be sure – with the first check weigher developed, this is no longer a problem.


Expansion – geographically, technically, and in terms of sales. With the further evolution of the linear weigher. This is increasingly supplied to customers in Germany.


Sweet and salty: this is how the development of weighing systems begins. In addition to the first automatic weighers for candies, the company launches a special version with a sorting device for pretzel sticks. And all this now under the brand name of HASTAMAT (Hans Stamm Automatisierungstechnik).


Initial successes are achieved. The company moves into a small workshop. And acquires further machines.


The starting signal for a success story: Hans Stamm KG is founded on January 12, 1953. By Hans Stamm and his wife Johanna. At his home in Wetzlar-Waldgirmes and as a manufacturing company for turned parts.