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Counted, weighed and aligned in order – that's the best way to package screws, pretzel sticks, salami and vegetable sticks. How do you achieve this? With our machines for individual stick pack solutions. Because we engineer them specifically for your stick-shaped products of all kinds. Together with you in order to meet all demands. And in order to find the ideal solution. In the can or bag, for instance. And with a straightforward format change at all times. It's definitely going to be innovative.
Developed, manufactured, delivered and installed from a single source, our packaging machines let you forget about synchronisation problems, and provide smooth process sequences. That's what we consider to be maximum efficiency.

Flexible high performance you can depend on, even for demanding packaging tasks. Contact us directly to find out more about our packaging systems for sticks.

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Straight to the right solution for your product

Our machines for the packaging process for your sticks

Long, short, hard, soft or even fragile – Your sticks need careful handling. And the best possible solution for each step of the packaging process. With our machines and systems, both is possible. Because they are always suitable. From flexible infeed systems to vertical form, fill and seal machines. All can be combined individually in a modular system. For flawless production processes and the best packaging quality.

Systems for feeding, distribution and buffering

From screws to celery sticks: Our feeding, distribution and buffering systems bring your stick-shaped products of all kinds to exactly where they are supposed to be in the package. And always on time. Because they bridge short-term failures and faults unproblematically. For continual product flow. And more efficiency.

  • ZVP series

    With our systems for feeding, distribution and buffering, your items always arrive exactly where they are supposed to be. Precisely and in the correct quantity.

    Small-sized products are transported in the feeding and distribution system

    Innovative and intelligent feeding, distribution and buffering systems for products of all kinds

    Special benefits:

    • Individually designed product path with modular construction
    • Increased overall plant effectiveness
    • Fully automatic and gentle handling of your products

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Multihead weighers for exact weighing

Have your pretzel sticks and baked sticks, chocolate and salami sticks and technical products weighed precisely and gently – by our multihead weighers with innovative dosing method and high output. Your products are prepared in the optimum manner for stick packaging, continuously and fully automatically.

  • CP series

    The flexible, high-performance combination weighers of the CP series weight stick-shaped products just as gently as all other food and non-food items. Ordered, synchronised and efficient – with up to 240 weighing procedures per minute.

    multihead weighers from Hastamat weigh and count lumpy products

    Flexible combination weighers for lumpy and stick-shaped products

    Special benefits:

    • Fully automatic weighing processes from feeding to discharge in the packaging
    • Wide range of products: thanks to replaceable format parts, also suitable for stick-shaped products
    • Maximum scalability with up to 24 weighing hoppers and a maximum of 240 weighing procedures per minute

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Counting the right way with the counting system

The correct quantity in the packaging – and only the right quantity. Our product counting systems for sticks make sure that everything tallies. By sorting fragile and rugged products alike, counting them to the exact piece and scanning them with sensors. That way, your customers only receive flawless sticks.

  • ZA series

    Our counting systems sort and count rugged and fragile food and non-food products accurately. And carefully. Even extra long items.

    Chocolate bars run on a conveyor belt to the counting system

    Counting system for stick-shaped products

    Special benefits:

    • Unproblematic integration into the overall plant
    • High flexibility with product dimensions and product types
    • Intelligent sensor checking of products for breakage detection with automatic ejection

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Systems for product transfers

Do you want your sticks nice and neatly in any type of packaging? You can depend on our product transfer systems. That's because they are engineered for the special demands of sticks and screws. They convey all products reliably for packaging in cans, bags, trays or boxes, carefully and in a synchronised manner. Smooth processes are guaranteed.

  • TS series

    Our TS series product transfer systems guarantee smooth packaging processes: They are set up for all shapes and product variations and forward your items reliably for packaging in cans, bags, trays and boxes.

    View into the interior of a product transfer system

    Flexible product transfer system for all kinds of items

    Special benefits:

    • Synchronised and oriented discharge of the products being dosed to the downstream packaging machine
    • Comprehensive product range with a packaging process which is most gentle on the product
    • Individually adapted and fully automatic transfer stations for maximum efficiency

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Filling and packaging with vertical form, fill and seal machine

Our vertical form, fill and seal machines package sticks efficiently – and in a manner which is tailored to your product. In welded mono films or heat-sealed compound films. In intermittent or continual mode. But always gently – for maximum quality for your product.

  • R/RM series

    As the allrounder among our vertical form, fill and seal machines, the R/RM series packages practically any product. Efficiently, safely and reliably.

    Vertical form fill and seal machine with monitor view

    Vertical form, fill and seal machines for all product ranges

    Special benefits:

    • Short cleaning times and fast product changeovers
    • Particularly large format range
    • Hygienic design with stainless steel housing

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End-to-end packaging lines

Being set up flexibly to needs and requirements, being able to offer the best packaging quality and ensuring smooth processes – we engineer our complete packaging lines with these aims. And together with you. So that individual production processes are implemented in the optimum manner. For more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Find out about our innovative system solutions with gentle product handling – looking at the system examples of our complex packaging lines.

To packaging lines

cookies packed in bags are transported away on a conveyor belt of the packaging line

System example Signature Snacks

The heart of Signature Snacks beats at the centre of the United Arab Emirates. And it beats for waffles, crackers, cookies, chocolate filled dates, dried fruits and nuts.

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The stackable chips converge on several lanes in the stackable chips line

System example Europe Snacks

Writing a story of success as the undisputed market leader on a highly competitive market: that's exactly what Europe Snacks, a French company from Saint-Denis-La-Chevasse, is all about.

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