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Exactly shaped tubular bags – that's what you get with our packaging machines. And precisely filled too of course. With crackers, cookies and confectionery, with food, pet food and non-food items. It doesn't matter if they are powdered, lumpy, pasty, liquid, fragile, stick-shaped, fresh or frozen. Unpacked or prepacked. They just have to be loose bulk materials or pourable products. That way, your products are placed in the bag in the best possible manner. Fully automatically at high speed and with care.

Allow your packaging ideas to take shape. Our vertical form, fill and seal machines implement them ideally. Contact us now and find out more about our individual packaging solutions.

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Our vertical form, fill and seal machines

As safe and reliable as they are, our vertical flow wrapper create a whole new range of services. Because their forming, filling and sealing mechanisms guarantee maximum gentle handling of the product even with the highest output. In both intermittent and continuous mode. In all format ranges with any shape of bag and all conventional wrapping materials. Even sensitive ones. So that your product has optimum protection. And for more efficiency.

  • R-600

    The R-600 vertical form, fill and seal machine stands out with its maximum flexibility – when it comes to the format and volume range as well as the wrapping material.

    Vertical form fill and seal machine R-600 from Hastamat

    Vertical form, fill and seal machine for extra thick films

    Special benefits:

    • Maximum product protection from environmental influences
    • Particularly large format range for diversity of bag shapes
    • Fast format change without the need for tools

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  • R/RM series

    As the allrounder among our vertical form, fill and seal machines, the R/RM series packages practically any product. Efficiently, safely and reliably.

    Vertical form fill and seal machine with monitor view

    Vertical form, fill and seal machines for all product ranges

    Special benefits:

    • Short cleaning times and fast product changeovers
    • Particularly large format range
    • Hygienic design with stainless steel housing

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  • VMW

    Stacked or upright, with one single or multiple lanes, the VMW packages cookies of all kinds in the most confined spaces.

    The vertical form fill and seal machine VMW combines the advantages of a horizontal and vertical machine

    Vertical form, fill and seal machine for packaging cookies

    Special benefits:

    • Space saving, compact construction: up to 65 percent less space requirement in comparison with other suppliers
    • Up to 20 percent film savings thanks to an innovative packaging process
    • Packages cookies both horizontally (BOP) and upright on the edge (BOE)

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Individual standards

Whether it's an individual packaging machine or a complete packaging line – all of our vertical flow wrappers provide one thing: a high level of flexibility and maximum performance. For less downtime in production and optimum adaptation to the film and product. By filling and sealing the bags in a single working step, for instance. Or thanks to the straightforward operation. All format parts can be changed quickly and easily. And easily accessible and straightforward to clean. That way, we reduce waiting times to a minimum. But that is nothing special for us – it's the standard. Even with vertical form, fill and seal machines with hygienic design. Or for larger metal and technical products.

Because we always engineer our vertical packaging machines to suit your specific needs and the requirements of the product packaging. Intelligently developed, technologically tried-and-tested and uncompromising in quality. That is our packaging technology.

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