Multihead weighers

Mass and class

Snacks, confectionery, fresh and frozen foods, pet food and non-food, metal and plastic items: Our multihead weighers weight your products precisely and exactly. Lumpy, fragile and stick-shaped. Individually or mixed with up to three others. But always with the precise weight. And all that unproblematically thanks to optimised feeding via a belt or vibrating chute. So that your items are placed in the packaging quickly and safely. In the right quantity.

Do you want to weigh your products reliably and exactly? With the weighing technology of our multihead weighing machines, you are on the safe side. Contact us directly in order to find out more about our individual packaging solutions.

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Our multihead weighers

Exact weighing of products of all kinds – no problem with our automatic multihead weighers. The patented dosing method prevents overfilling and minimises give-away. However, the multihead weighing machines are not just reliable and particularly gentle on the products, they are also straightforward to operate. Locally or remotely. That way, you can monitor, control and select from programs at any time and from anywhere. Exactly how you need it.

Talking of need: All the format parts of the machine are adapted exactly to your products. And all parts which come into contact with the product, are made of stainless steel. For more efficiency, hygiene and use in wet areas. So that you can genuinely weigh any product.

  • CP heavy load

    As a rugged combination weigher, the CP Heavy Load counts or weighs screws and technical products. Quiet and low-impact.

    Partial quantity weigher from Hastamat for dosing and packing of larger metal parts

    Combination weigher for weighing metal parts

    Special benefits:

    • Rugged special version of the multi-head weigher with the highest level of product protection
    • Fully automatic feeding, weighing and discharge in the packaging
    • Unproblematic integration into existing production and packaging processes

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  • CP hygienic design

    The CP Hygienic Design is hygienically flawless and weighs cheese, meat, vegetables and other fresh and frozen foods reliably and particularly gently.

    Multihead weigher of CP-HD series from above filled with dates

    Multi-head weigher for fresh and frozen foods.

    Special benefits:

    • Developed for operation in wet areas
    • Straightforward weigher retooling, for weighing stick-shaped products, for instance
    • The most accurate weighing results make for the highest level of efficiency in the production process

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  • CP series

    The flexible, high-performance combination weighers of the CP series weight stick-shaped products just as gently as all other food and non-food items. Ordered, synchronised and efficient – with up to 240 weighing procedures per minute.

    multihead weighers from Hastamat weigh and count lumpy products

    Flexible combination weighers for lumpy and stick-shaped products

    Special benefits:

    • Fully automatic weighing processes from feeding to discharge in the packaging
    • Wide range of products: thanks to replaceable format parts, also suitable for stick-shaped products
    • Maximum scalability with up to 24 weighing hoppers and a maximum of 240 weighing procedures per minute

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Impressive technical solutions

Whether it's for small-scale manufacturing or a large-scale factory: It doesn't matter what production volume you have – our multihead weighers can be equipped individually. With quick-change format parts, for instance. Or different numbers of weighing heads. And, with the memory hoppers, they are not just flexible in the number used: When it comes to product sizes and packaging volumes, the multihead weigher uses tailor-made hoppers. Even up to 2,500 cm³.

For even more efficiency in your packaging process, we always develop our multihead weighers in accordance with your needs and demands. As part of an integrated weighing and packaging line, or in conjunction with existing packaging machines – from systems for feeding, distributing and storing to counting systems and vertical form, fill and seal machines and product transfer systems. For smooth processes without interface complications.

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