Our packaging technology

Good, better, individual

Innovative, flexible, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable: For your high-quality products, we engineer automated packaging machines and systems which are exactly that. From multihead weighers, dosing systems and counting systems, to vertical form fill and seal machines, stackable chip packaging lines, product transfer systems for transfer for feeding, distributing and buffer systems.

All from a single source for use around the world. And tailored to your specific needs and demands. For snacks, crackers, cookies, confectionery and stackable chips. And our "made in Germany" machines mean even other fresh and frozen food products, powder, pet food and non-food also receive individual packaging solutions. So that your products are showcased better. Lastingly.

Whatever packaging ideas you have – with creativity, innovation and years of experience as a manufacturer in packaging technology, we make them reality. Speak to us directly and let us advise you.

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Small-sized products are transported in the feeding and distribution system
multihead weighers from Hastamat weigh and count lumpy products
  • Multi-head weighers

    Too much or too little? Neither nor! Our multi-head weighers reliably make sure your packagings are filled with exact weights.

    CP series
    The flexible, high-performance combination weighers of the CP series weight stick-shaped products just as gently as all other food and non-food items. Ordered, synchronised and efficient – with up to 240 weighing procedures per minute.

    CP Hygienic Design
    The CP Hygienic Design is hygienically flawless and weighs cheese, meat, vegetables and other fresh and frozen foods reliably and particularly gently.

    CP Heavy Load
    As a rugged combination weigher, the CP Heavy Load counts or weighs screws and technical products. Quiet and low-impact.

Detail view of the volumetric cup dosing system from Hastamat
  • Dosing systems

    Gravimetric or volumetric – with our dosing systems, you always dose powders and other similar free flowing and non-free flowing products accurately.

    SD series
    The SD series auger dosers dose free flowing and no-free flowing, powdered and grainy products of all kinds. Precise and gentle – and for volumes of 2 cm³ to 30,000 cm³.

    VB series
    The volumetric dosers of the VB series portion granulated, lumpy or free flowing products safely and reliably – with six or eight cups and an output of up to 180 doses per minute.

Chocolate bars run on a conveyor belt to the counting system
  • Counting systems

    One at a time, to the exact quantity and always in order. That's how rugged and fragile stick-shaped products find their way safely into the packaging – with our counting systems.

    Special benefits:

    • Unproblematic integration into the overall plant
    • High flexibility with product dimensions and product types
    • Intelligent sensor checking of products for breakage detection with automatic ejection
View into the interior of a product transfer system
  • Product transfer systems

    It all runs like clockwork: When your products are weighed, counted and dosed accurately and packaged automatically, that's thanks to us – and our product transfer systems.

    Special benefits:

    • Synchronised and oriented discharge of the products being dosed to the downstream packaging machine
    • Comprehensive product range with a packaging process which is most gentle on the product
    • Individually adapted and fully automatic transfer stations for maximum efficiency
Vertical form fill and seal machine with monitor view
  • Vertical form, fill and seal machine

    Whether it's for crackers, cookies and confectionery, food products, pet food or non-food: Our vertical form, fill and seal machines shape your packagings perfectly and fill them exactly.

    R/RM series
    As the allrounder among our vertical form, fill and seal machines, the R/RM series packages practically any product. Efficiently, safely and reliably.

    The R-600 vertical form, fill and seal machine stands out with its maximum flexibility – when it comes to the format and volume range as well as the wrapping material.

    Stacked or upright, with one single or multiple lanes, the VMW packages cookies of all kinds in the most confined spaces.

Auf mehreren Bahnen laufen die Stapelchips in der Stapelchipsanlage zusammen
  • Stackable chip packaging lines

    A must at almost any party: stackable chips. And, with our stackable chip packaging lines, we also make sure that they always make an appearance and are securely packaged with their full flavour.

    Special benefits:

    • Modular construction for all output ranges
    • Dosing to the exact weight without give-away
    • Fully automatic processes which are gentle on the product from feeding to packaging