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Maximum accuracy

Whether it's for coffee or washing powder, sugar or spices, nuts or pulses: Our automatic dosing systems portion your food products and powder reliably and gently. And efficiently – volumetrically or gravimetrically. Volumetric cup dosers and auger dosers make sure of that. From small quantities to large-scale packaging. And they are very exact at the same time. Overfills and give-away just don't occur.

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Our dosing systems

Our dosing systems are specifically designed for free flowing and non-free flowing products, and portion the widest range of powdered items with extreme precision. They can even be granulated, lumpy or grainy. They are extremely flexible in that regard. Yet always fully automatic and reliable. The dosing machines also work hygienically by the way. For the best product quality in the packaging.

  • SD series

    The SD series auger dosers dose free flowing and no-free flowing, powdered and grainy products of all kinds. Precise and gentle – and for volumes of 2 cm³ to 30,000 cm³.

    Dosing system and auger filler system by Hastamat

    Auger dosing systems for free flowing and non-free flowing products

    Special benefits:

    • High dosing precision
    • Simple to adapt to different bag sizes
    • Quick and easy to clean thanks to hygienic design

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  • VB series

    The volumetric dosers of the VB series portion granulated, lumpy or free flowing products safely and reliably – with six or eight cups and an output of up to 180 doses per minute.

    Detail view of the volumetric cup dosing system from Hastamat

    Volumetric cup dosing system for bulk goods with a consistent density

    Special benefits:

    • High dosing precision
    • Simple to adapt to different bag sizes
    • Quick and easy to clean thanks to hygienic design

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Suitable systems

Maximum flexibility and high performance – our automatic dosing systems for power and food products combine both. In order to achieve this, we always engineer volumetric dosing systems and auger dosers to suit your exact needs and the demands of your product. That way, you receive dosing systems which meet the highest standards. And interact perfectly with upstream and downstream packaging machines. All this without any interface complications. The perfect solution for smooth production. And the best quality.

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