Packaging systems for stackable chips

Crunchy enjoyment

If it's crunchy and tastes good – everything is OK in the packaging. Because your stackable chips have been packaged carefully. Our stackable chips lines do just that: They dose and package your chips extremely gently and efficiently. By weight or number of pieces. In cans, with or without tray. In a controlled and hygienic manner throughout the entire process thanks to flexible and stand-alone line feeding. We make sure that everything is just right in that regard too. And we work closely with you to involve you in the process. With our knowledge, we develop packaging solutions in accordance with your demands for the best quality. And so that you stackable chips have the best possible taste.

Produce the best possible crunchy enjoyment with our stackable chips lines. Get an individual and competent consultation now – from us as one of the leading manufacturers.

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Straight to the right solution for your product

Our packaging machine for the packaging process for your stackable chips

Stackable chips line

Our stackable chip packaging machine is there for you throughout the entire process: It packages your chips from the infeed to dosing and filling the packaging. Always gently and precisely so that none of your fragile products get broken. That's all well and good – but it's even better that it can be adapted flexibly to your individual custom requirements and changing production demands. That way, it prevents interruptions or even downtimes with aplomb.

  • SCA series

    Highly precise and gravimetric: Our stackable chips packaging lines always package your fragile chips particularly gently. And efficiently. In cans, trays or both.

    on several lanes the stackable chips converge in the stackable chips packaging machine

    Packaging line for stackable chips

    Special benefits:

    • Modular construction for all output ranges
    • Dosing to the exact weight without give-away
    • Fully automatic processes which are gentle on the product from feeding to packaging

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End-to-end packaging lines

Being set up flexibly to needs and requirements, being able to offer the best packaging quality and ensuring smooth processes – we engineer our complete packaging lines with these aims. And together with you. So that individual production processes are implemented in the optimum manner. For more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Find out about our innovative system solutions with gentle product handling – looking at the system examples of our complex packaging lines.

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cookies packed in bags are transported away on a conveyor belt of the packaging line

System example Signature Snacks

The heart of Signature Snacks beats at the centre of the United Arab Emirates. And it beats for waffles, crackers, cookies, chocolate filled dates, dried fruits and nuts.

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The stackable chips converge on several lanes in the stackable chips line

System example Europe Snacks

Writing a story of success as the undisputed market leader on a highly competitive market: that's exactly what Europe Snacks, a French company from Saint-Denis-La-Chevasse, is all about.

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