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Creativity and innovation are the foundation of our decades-long experience. As are modern and efficient production methods. And our comprehensive quality management. This enables us to develop technically sophisticated, economical, and high-quality machines and systems. – From Germany for customers all over the world. This makes Hastamat a leading manufacturer of packaging machines and systems.

Individual systems – for individual customer requirements

Vertical form, fill and seal machines, multihead weighers and screw feeders, filling and check weighers, and stackable chips packaging lines – this is where Hastamat’s success story began. Since then, we’ve grown to become an expert for complex packaging systems. And we never take it easy: our packaging machines and systems are unique and individually manufactured – always according to customer requirements and demands. But that’s not all: they’re also internationally competitive.

Feeding, weighing, packaging: this is what our complete systems are designed to do. Especially with stick products that are fragile to handle, such as pretzels, cookies, and chocolate. But also tea or coffee in stick form. Weighing and filling stacked chips to the exact number is also a snap for our packaging systems. No matter whether it’s in cans, with or without tray. Oh yes – we also devise solutions for special requirements. Be it for the primary and secondary packaging of chemical products or for the hygienic design of fresh and frozen foods. After all, we’re no stranger to special designs.

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"Our markets are developing quickly and dynamically. And it’s precisely these qualities that distinguish Hastamat. They’re our strengths. Our goal is to develop intelligent and innovative products for our customers that give them a competitive edge in their business. That’s our promise as a technology company. Driven to achieve customer satisfaction every day anew."

Michael Schulze Hastamat Managing Director

Sustainability principles in the mechanical and plant engineering sector

What constitutes forward-looking sustainability for us? Economic success, fairness, respect, and responsibility. And always with a view to society, the environment, and economy. We therefore act in a sustainable manner – and always in line with the definition of the Brundtland Report and the definition of the Council for Sustainable Development in Germany.

As a partner of the VDMI’s sustainability initiative – Blue Competence – we promote sustainability in mechanical and plant engineering. And make sustainable solutions known within the industry. But most importantly: we’re committed to complying with the twelve sustainability principles of the mechanical and plant engineering industry.


  • Sustainability is an essential part of our corporate strategy.
  • Sustainable business models allow us to create stable values and secure entrepreneurial success.
  • Our technologies and solutions promote sustainable development worldwide.


  • Sustainable thinking and action is reflected in our processes and products.
  • We act to conserve resources and are committed to protecting the climate.
  • Our employees are our most valuable asset. We promote commitment and opportunities for participation.
  • We are committed to respecting human rights.


  • Our company is a living space.
  • We assume social responsibility in our regions.
  • We do what we promise.


  • We engage in active dialog with all stakeholders.
  • We communicate our sustainable commitment transparently.

Sustainability – committed to a future worth living

We take responsibility – environmentally, economically, and socially. And above all sustainably. To achieve this, we develop, support, and carry out projects. For a protected environment – now and in the future. With the “Piepenbrock Goes Green” environmental program, for example. Not only do we actively conserve resources, we also reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. For example, by adding the fully electric BMW i3 to our corporate fleet. And by being one of the first companies to use a fuel cell vehicle close to our operations. It does not emit any CO2. But our responsibility goes even further: we are giving our 70 sponsored children in Vietnam long-term help to help themselves, for example. To this end, we work closely with the children’s aid organization Plan International e.V.. And with the “Piepenbrock Clean Water” project, we have given 13 villages in the Pak Tha region of Laos access to vital drinking water.

These are just a few of the projects we’re involved in.

End-to-end packaging lines

Being set up flexibly to needs and requirements, being able to offer the best packaging quality and ensuring smooth processes – we engineer our complete packaging lines with these aims. And together with you. So that individual production processes are implemented in the optimum manner. For more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Find out about our innovative system solutions with gentle product handling – looking at the system examples of our complex packaging lines.

To packaging lines

cookies packed in bags are transported away on a conveyor belt of the packaging line

System example Signature Snacks

The heart of Signature Snacks beats at the centre of the United Arab Emirates. And it beats for waffles, crackers, cookies, chocolate filled dates, dried fruits and nuts.

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The stackable chips converge on several lanes in the stackable chips line

System example Europe Snacks

Writing a story of success as the undisputed market leader on a highly competitive market: that's exactly what Europe Snacks, a French company from Saint-Denis-La-Chevasse, is all about.

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