Vertical form fill seal machines (VFFS) "Made in Germany"

When flat film turns into a bag an idea has taken shape. You want to pack snacks and crackers, confectionery, biscuits and baked products or screws efficiently and sustainably. Your demanding requirements in terms of performance and availability of the machines required for this purpose determine the decision whether to choose a packaging machine or a complete packaging line. Vertical form fill seal machines from Hastamat make it all possible.

Our R/RM series vertical form fill seal machines (VFFS) are the right answer to your needs. Whether confectionery, food or non-food products, powdery, chunky, stick-shaped or deep-frozen products – we design our tubular bag solutions to your specific needs and your product packaging requirements. We package your ideas using vertical form fill seal packaging machinery that feature intelligent design, sophisticated technology and uncompromising quality. Irrespective of whether unpacked or prepacked products – you can depend on Hastamat, the manufacturer of VFFS machines.

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Vertical form fill seal machines (VFFS) by Hastamat

Continuous/intermittent vertical form fill seal machines for high performance applications

The R/RM series vertical form fill and seal machines from Hastamat open up a new performance spectrum in precision forming of tubular bags and the packaging of bulk materials and pourable products – both in the food and non-food industries. Continuous operation of the vertical form fill and seal machines means that breakable products can be packaged at the highest output levels. Our R/RM series machines process delicate wrapping materials safely and reliably. Low maintenance drive motors and assemblies avoid downtimes, thus enabling the best possible match between machine, wrapping material and product. Well accessible and quick-to-change format parts reduce retooling and cleaning times to a minimum.


Vertical form fill and seal machines in hygienic design

Hastamat supplies vertical form fill seal machine in hygienic stainless steel design for the packaging of cheese, meat, fresh, liquid, pasty, powdery and deep-frozen products. With our innovative R/RM series vertical form fill and seal machines in hygienic design we have the right answer to the packaging of fresh or frozen food. This low overall height of the machine guarantees maximum product protection even at high speeds. All drive elements are clearly separated from the product side. With excellent accessibility for maintenance and cleaning, the R/RM series offers outstanding convenience. These machines in modular stainless steel design are also optionally equipped with special applications for liquid dosing or protective gas flushing. Our high-performance packaging machines cover all formats and bag shapes, therefore allowing the use of a diverse range of packaging materials.

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Horizontal flow wrapping machines from LoeschPack

You want to package chocolate, chewing gum or dry baked goods efficiently and sustainably? Your exacting performance and availability requirements for the necessary machinery determine your decision to go for a packaging machine or a full packaging system? Then LoeschPack has got the right solution – F-Series horizontal flow wrapping machines.

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