Packaging cookies and biscuits with cookie packaging machines from Hastamat

Delicious cookies packaged reliably – no problem with Hastamat biscuit & cookie packaging machines. Our Vertical Multilane Wrapper (VMW) packages sandwich cookies as well as square or round cookies quickly and efficiently. The revolutionary cookie packaging machine concept brings together a grouping facility for piece goods and a wrapping process with vertical layout. This design combines the advantages of a horizontal machine with those of a vertical machine. With two different loading positions it is possible to pack products upright (on edge) or one above the other (on pile) on the same machine. Up to 500 cookies per minute are packaged per line. The system can be expanded to suit your specific requirements. The packaging solution enables fast retooling times for different packaging formats. We are committed to gentle product handling ensuring your customers enjoy a tasty and visually appealing overall experience with your cookies.

Cookie packaging machines from Hastamat